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Offer available only from BNI-MADAGASCAR

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Businesses and professionals, save time, pay the costs of your customs clearance operations directly via TradeNet.


Thanks to the partnership developed with GasyNet, BNI-MADAGASCAR is the first Malagasy bank to offer its customers online payment via TradeNet.

To sum up:

  • The company must be enrolled with TradeNet and be a BNI-MADAGASCAR customer
  • As soon as it is validated in TradeNet by an authorized person from the company, the transfer order is automatically transmitted and included in the BNI-MADAGASCAR system
  • The transaction is then processed immediately and automatically validated by BNI-MADAGASCAR

Payments can be made in real time outside branch business hours (until 7 pm)


No need to move


Easy, speedy and safe payment transactions


Your goods can be released during the weekend if the payment is submitted on Friday, even late in the afternoon


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