forex rates As of 2020-09-04

4 491,99
3 804,89

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Report des échéances
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Horaires Agences BNI
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Mobilisation de la BNI MADAGASCAR face au COVID-19
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An interest-earning investment offer for any person with a BNI-MADAGASCAR account

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Epargne et Placements

Constituer progressivement des épargnes bonifiées avec un taux d’intérêt rémunérateur beaucoup avantageux.

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Harmonia Corporate

Debit and Credit Card Withdraw money and make payments all over the world, 7/7 in VISA distributors and ATMs, and payments at businesses displaying the VISA logo.
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Can a company apply for several CORPORATE cards?

YES according to the customer’s needs

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Mass transfer online tool

Save time, create your mass transfer file with our online tool (AFB 160) Save time, simplify your process, use our online tool to create your mass transfer order file (AFB 160)

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