International transactions
Documentary credit

International transactions
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A Documentary Credit is a means of payment and guarantee to secure your overseas transactions (Import/Export).

It consists of the Bank undertaking to pay a defined amount to the supplier of goods or services in exchange for delivery, within a specified time, of the documents proving that the goods have been shipped or that the services or services have been carried out. These documents will then be forwarded by the bank to the buyer in exchange for repayment, so that the latter can take possession of the goods.




Documentary credit application form


Pro forma invoice or commercial contract between the seller and the buyer


Shipping Documents

  • Commercial invoice,
  • Ticket (Bill of Lading or Air Waybill),
  • Certificate of origin of the goods issued by the Chamber of Commerce of the country of origin,
  • Cargo invoice from the shipping company,
  • Weight note or packing list,
  • Insurance certificate,
  • Verification or inspection documents drawn up by third parties (supervisory body such as SGS: quality/quantity certificate, official services: health certificate, phytosanitary certificate)

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