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TAFITA, guaranteed capital for your children’s education

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TAFITA, guaranteed capital for your children’s education.


  • TAFITA is a savings product allowing you to build up guaranteed capital for your child’s education
  • With TAFITA, your child is guaranteed to receive the education capital that you have chosen, whatever happens to you during the contract
  • The principal is paid at the end of the contract, depending on the period you have chosen


TAFITA, simple savings at your own pace.


  • You name the child beneficiary of the education capital
  • You pay in monthly what you can afford, to build up the capital you want
  • The more you pay in, the bigger the capital; Up to 270,000,000 MGA

You can take out a TAFITA contract for each child.


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Frequently asked questions

Is buy-back allowed?

Yes, buy-back is possible but only after 3 years of the policy.

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